Illustrations and drawings


Just expressing beautiful things on two-dimensional plane using my hands (and computers).


Buddha, 19 Apr 2013

(Left) I started drawing my 2nd Buddha few days before Dalai Lama's visit to my college, St John's.


The Bridge of Sighs, 23 Sep 2012

(Right) The Bridge of Sighs, which is in Cambridge city (not the Venice's one). This is my first trial to draw non-organic stuff.


Cover picture for a student society, 28 aug 2012

(Left) The picture is a logo of a student society in Cambridge University. I used LibreOffice Impress, which is like Microsoft PowerPoint, but free, just like when you make some diagrams and schematic illustration on PowerPoint. I made many slides, each of them has some small parts to be assembled into one to be this picture.


Gas turbine engine (a book cover design), 13 May 2012

(Right) This is a cut-away design of a gas turbine engine which I made for a front book cover for a conference held in Cambridge, 2012. I used "LibreOffice Impress" (it's kind of Microsoft PowerPoint, but free software) to draw all of it. Used a lot of lines and areas overlaid. Took two weeks for me to complete using some odd moments. The pdf is found here, but please note I own the copyright as with any materials on this website.


A book cover design, 7 May 2012

(Left) This weired picture shows a vortexes shed after the Cambridge University crest, which was for a back cover of an abstract book for the same conference as above. I used my own software (flowsquare: to simulate these vortexes (so this is actual flow field!).


French Marigold, 13 May 2012


Audrey Tautou, 8 Mar 2012


Albert Einstein, 26 Feb 2012


Jan Ullrich, 25 Feb 2012


Bhudda, 13 Dec 2011